Alternative Products That Any Ice Cream Shop Can Sell

The title of an ice cream shop seems to say it all: sell ice cream, and you have fulfilled your promise to the customer. If an ice cream shop wanted to expand, though, there is no reason that you couldn’t sell a few alternative products. According to Gelato Products, the simplest way to expand your business is to find items that complement your existing efforts to boost your shop’s appeal and profits.

Any ice cream store could expand its selection by offering alternatives to ice cream for customers looking for other desert options. Frozen yogurt appeals to health-conscious customers and offers an unusual tang. Stocking non-dairy ice creams, such as soy or coconut, can increase an ice cream shop’s sales to customers with dairy sensitivity.

Of course, not everyone at an ice cream shop is there for something sweet. Offering paper coffee cups can give those tagging along some caffeine to look forward to, and, if approached properly, can even expand your customer base!

If you decide to expand your ice cream shop by offering coffee, make a few decisions about execution first. Will employees need new training to handle brewing, or will you have coffee delivered from elsewhere, such as a coffee shop down the street? Will employees serve the coffee, or will coffee cups and lids be available next to a coffee dispenser?

Offering coffee at an ice cream shop is a great way to branch out and explore a new avenue in business. If you purchase custom printed cups, customers can even advertise your shop for both the coffee and the ice cream!

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